About Eric

Eric Johnson is a wedding photographer born and raised in Pulaski, Wisconsin.  He currently lives and works in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and runs his photo company - Let It Rain Studios.  Eric has shot weddings both nationally and internationally, including:  Costa Rica, Antigua, Cabo San Lucas, Dominican Republic, Virginia, North Dakota, Oregon, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois, and all over Wisconsin.

Eric received his photography degree from the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, Montana, which was followed by a move to Portland, Oregon.  In Portland, he apprenticed under Anthony D. Secker, renowned photographer and owner of Adams and Faith Photography.  Eric assisted hundreds of weddings all over the Pacific Northwest during his time with Adams and Faith.  Under Secker's wing, Eric learned composition, developed his creativity, and honed the unique style that would set him apart from many other artists.

This was followed by a move to New York City to pursue a career in fashion photography.  He apprenticed under Terry DeRoy Gruber, a celebrity wedding photographer in Manhattan.  It was this experience that convinced Eric to open his own wedding photography company, and in 2003, he moved back home to focus his creative energies on Let It Rain Studios.